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We're on a mission to empower freelancers.

Take a vacation, work on that personal project, and say no to clients who don’t align with your career goals. We're building Hammock to give you the tools you need to improve and grow your freelance business.

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Hammock is a small team, with big ideas.

Built for freelancers, by freelancers. We've got your back.

Jessica Gillis
Freelance UX/UI Product Designer & Founder of Hammock

Originally from Vancouver Canada, I went to school for design in San Francisco. After exploring the design agency and startup worlds, I moved to Boulder where I discovered my passion for helping small businesses.

When I'm not freelancing, you can find me hosting crafting events at breweries around town (cutandbaste.com), and hanging out in the mountains with my husband, Jake, and pup @goldenqueso.

Jake Dahn
Freelance Software Engineer & Founder of Hammock

👋 Hi Friends!

I'm a designer, turned software engineer, turned devops engineer, turned information security engineer, turned generalist freelancer. I like to wear all of the hats, and have the most fun when I'm creating value.

When I'm not freelancing, you can find me working on random side projects, learning to be an artist, or playing video games.